Grand Cru Single Origin Truffles


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Dark chocolate truffles made with single-origin Criollo cocoa beans from three premier growing regions around the world.

Similar to wine, single-origin cocoa beans are like grapes from a vineyard, producing chocolate that conveys defined characteristics from that particular soil and vintage.

Criollo beans are a rare delicacy. They are scarce and expensive but are local to the specific regions and boast distinct flavor profiles created by the climate, soil, and trees of the regions in which they grow.

Our confiseurs use this premium cocoa from three different regions and expertly blend it with high-quality butter and cream to create wonderfully strong yet delicately smooth, luxurious dark chocolate truffles.

Three origins:

Arriba 72% (Blue) Esmeraldas, Ecuador
Madagascar 64% (Red) Sambirano, Madagascar 
Maracaibo 65% (Green) Sur Del Lago, Maracaibo, Venezuela

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Non-engineered, sustainably-grown, and fairly traded cocoa.

3 oz (9 pieces) - 3 ¾” L x 3 ¾” W x 1"H
5 oz (16 pieces) - 5 ¾” L x 5 ¾” W x 1"H

INGREDIENTS: Dark Chocolate (Cocoa Beans, Sugar, Cocoa Butter, Vanilla), Butter, Cream.

Contains milk.
Made in a facility with flour, nuts, milk & soy.
No gluten. No wheat. No soy. 
No peanuts on premises.
No preservatives.
Please enjoy within a few weeks of purchase

Store in a cool, dry place.


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