Inspired by iconic works in the collection of The Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art, we created chocolates to correspond with custom coffee blends from our friends at The Roasterie Coffee for an all-encompassing sensory experience of food, drink, and art.

Ranging from calm to dramatic, these products emulate a ballet of ingredients to coincide with each world-class art piece, curated to enliven all five senses. Enjoy a concert of chocolates and coffee alongside the corresponding art to be transported to the world in which each artist created.

View the products in this collection below.

The first in the series are our Claud Monet Inspired Milk Chocolate Raspberry Bâtons and The Roasterie's Lily Blend Coffeereleased in June of 2021, to coincide with the calm artistry of Claud Monet's Water Lilies


The second in our series, Caravaggio Inspired Wilderness Dark Chocolate Bâtons and The Roasterie's Wilderness Coffee Blend, released in August of 2021, to be enjoyed together for a sensory experience that emulates the dramatic artistry of  Caravaggio’s Saint John the Baptist in the Wilderness. 

Stay tuned for our third release, coming this fall. It's something you can immerse yourself in.

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View offerings from The Roasterie here.

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