Mini Brunch (Pick up or Ship: Quiche, Coffee Cake + Torte)


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Craving André's brunch at home? Our quiche, coffee cakes and tortes are now available as one gift package, ready to pick up OR ship to your door. 

Serves 4-6 people. Selections listed below.

An André's classic quiche:
Cheese Pie: 
A blend of imported Gruyère + Emmentaler Swiss cheeses bound together with a savory custard and seasoned with a secret blend of spices created by founder André Bollier 
Quiche Lorraine: 
The same delicious quiche topped with caramelized onions + crispy bacon

Your choice of Coffee Cake:
Almond Raisin: braided dough with marzipan and raisins baked in
apples and cinnamon swirled in puff pastry (pictured)
Cinnamon: classic sweet & buttery cinnamon pull apart buns baked together
Hazelnut: ground hazelnut pull-apart buns topped with a light apricot glaze and slivered almonds
Pecan: pecans and cinnamon in sweet buttery pull-apart buns (pictured)

Your choice of Torte:
seven thin layers of yellow cake and rich chocolate ganache covered in chocolate (large pictured)
a moist spiced hazelnut almond cake with raspberry jam
almond cake and apricot jam baked inside a butter cookie shell
*Small Dobosh (serves 5) included in base price, Linzer or Hollander (serves 8-10) +$6.50, Large Dobosh (serves 10) +$15.50

COFFEE CAKE SIZE:  appx 8" diam x 1" deep (varies)

No preservatives. 

*not guaranteed for same day pick up
**Shipped on Mondays to arrive within the week.
Please select a Monday ship date at checkout.



When shipped: all items are packed frozen 
Upon arrival, store quiche and coffee cake in fridge or freezer.
Store torte in the freezer or at room temperative. Best if kept sealed and consumed within a few days

Reheating quiche: Return to room temp. Heat at 350 degrees for 15-20 minutes
Reheating coffee cake: Return to room temp. Heat at 350 degrees for 10-12 minutes

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