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A curated box of confections that ships automatically every month.

Each delivery contains at least three different confections that will not be repeated throughout the year, thanks to our extensive offering of 150+ premium products. What's more, subscribers will get first dibs on new releases, seasonal items and special products not normally listed on our website. 

Order your gift-of-the-month now and send your gift recipient a notification of the wondrous surprises that will arrive at their door! Purchase by the 20th of this month for shipments to begin the following month.

This unique opportunity allows you (or to whomever you gift the subscriptions) the monthly delight of chocolate. An easy one-step purchase (and a luxurious combination of gourmet treats) that can be enjoyed over and over again. Discover new chocolates in each shipment.

3 months - $240
6 months - $450
12 months - $860

Value: $80 per box (shipping included)

Click the Details, FAQ and Ship Dates tabs for more information.



Each box will include at least three elements:

  • One chocolate offering (such as a molded chocolate product or a box of candies)*
  • One unique confection (like a small torte or box of cookies)
  • One special item (a new release, seasonal item, or product not sold on our website)

    *chocolates may not be included during periods of warm weather

    How it works:

    Club members can choose 3-, 6- or 12-month subscriptions, with shipping included in the price. The more months you purchase, the more money you save. 

    Orders must be placed by the 20th of the current month to ship the following month. (For example, if you place your order on Dec. 19, your box will ship the next month/in January. If you place your order on Dec. 21, your box may not ship until February.)

    Once confirmed and processed, subscription boxes will ship on the first Monday of each month to arrive by Friday of that week and will continue on that schedule for each subsequent month until the subscription ends. 

    ​If you'd like to gift a subscription box to another person, provide that recipient's email and shipping address at the time of purchase. The shipping address must be the same every month and must be located within the continental United States. 

    Once the order is placed, a confirmation will be sent to your email address and a separate notification will be sent to the gift recipient's email address. Both emails will include the subscription timeline and details.

    Please note:

    • Ship dates are pre-established for the first Monday of each month to arrive by Friday of the same week. Shipments will continue on that schedule until the subscription ends. (Ship date options are provided at checkout for all other products throughout our site but this product is unique.)  Click the Ship Date tab to view upcoming themes and shipment dates.
    • Product selections may vary. Products may contain flour, eggs, nuts, milk and/or liquors. All of our products are made in a facility with flour, milk and nuts. See the individual product pages on our website for details.
    • Recipient addresses must be located within the continental United States. Subscription boxes cannot be shipped to Hawaii or Alaska. 
    • This product is not eligible for discounts or promotions.

    Click the FAQ and Ship Dates tabs for more information.


    1. When Do I Find Out The Content of Each Month’s Box? We’ve structured this subscription to be a surprise so you'll find out when it arrives at your door. Gift selection will vary and will be based on what our chocolatiers and pastry chefs are creating at the time. Click the Ship Dates tab for upcoming themes and shipment dates.

    2. When do I Pay? Upon your initial order, your credit card will be charged for the full subscription cost.

    3. Can I Skip a Month? If you'd like to defer one month, please make a note in the "special instructions" section at the start of your subscription. Once your subscription starts, we will be unable to accommodate additional monthly deferments.

    4. Can I purchase a 3, 6, or 12-month subscription at any point in the year? Yes. Purchase at any time. When you place your order before the 20th of the month, your subscription will start the following month.

    5. If I purchase a 3-month subscription will I receive the boxes consecutively? Yes. For example, if you sign up in March (by the 20th of the month) for a 3-month subscription, you will receive boxes in April, May, and June. 

    6. Can I gift a subscription? Yes, however, the recipient’s address must the same every month, and as provided at the time of purchase. Please also provide the gift recipient's email address so that they can receive a notification about the gift as well as details on the timeframe and what to expect.

    7. Can you accommodate requests for substitutions due to allergies or special diets? No, unfortunately, we are not able to accommodate special needs or substitutions for this item at this time. If you are concerned about restrictions, we suggest ordering from our individual product pages that have ingredient information listed in the details tab. You can also view our Allergy-Friendly Products page for specific dietary needs.

    8. When Will Boxes be Shipped? New subscription box orders must be placed before the  20th of each month to automatically start the following month. We cannot guarantee that subscriptions will begin the following month if placed after this date. Subscriptions ship out on the first Monday of the month, to arrive by Friday of the same week, and will continue on this monthly schedule until the subscription ends. (For example, if you place your order on Dec.19, the your box will automatically ship the following month/in January. If you place your order on Dec. 21, your box may not ship until February.)

      Please note: Ship date options are provided at checkout for products throughout our site but this product is unique. Ship dates are pre-established and the ship date will be set for the first Monday of the month. Please select "no delay" for fastest service.

      Click the Ship Dates tab for more information on the upcoming boxes. 

    For further assistance, contact us at or (816) 561-3440. See more gift box options here.


    Ship dates

    Upcoming Themes + Shipment Dates:

    MARCH "After Me Lucky Charms"
    Ships Monday, February 27th to arrive by Friday, March 3rd

    Ships Monday, April 3rd to arrive by Friday, April 7th



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