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Please select a Monday ship date.

Craving André's brunch at home? Get these customer favorites shipped to your door! (Also available as a full meal with mixed greens & carrot salad for pick up at our KC store here or OP store here)

An André's classic quiche:
Cheese Pie: 
A blend of imported Gruyère + Emmentaler Swiss cheeses bound together with a savory custard and seasoned with a secret blend of spices created by founder André Bollier 
Quiche Lorraine: 
The same delicious quiche topped with caramelized onions + crispy bacon

AND your choice of Coffee Cake:
Almond Raisin: braided dough with marzipan and raisins baked in
apples and cinnamon swirled in puff pastry (pictured)
Cinnamon: classic sweet & buttery cinnamon pull apart buns baked together
Hazelnut: ground hazelnut pull-apart buns topped with a light apricot glaze and slivered almonds
Pecan: pecans and cinnamon in sweet buttery pull-apart buns (pictured)

*not guaranteed for same day pick up

**Quiche will be shipped on Mondays to arrive within the week.
Please select a Monday ship date at checkout.

Purchase just a quiche here.
Purchase just a coffee cake here.



QUICHE SIZE:  8" diam x 1" deep
COFFEE CAKE SIZE:  appx 8" diam x 1" deep (varies)

No preservatives. 


When shipped: packed frozen 
Storage upon arrival: fridge or freezer 

Reheating quiche: Return to room temperature. Heat at 350 degrees for 15-20 minutes
Reheating coffee cake: Return to room temperature. Heat at 350 degrees for 10-12 minutes

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