In 2019, André’s collaborated with Sel des Alpes on two confections:
Salt of the Swiss Alps Dark Chocolate Almonds + Chocolate Caramels 

These two confections incorporate Sel des Alpes’ Salt of the Swiss Alps, one of the world’s purest salts and one that, until recently, was not available in the United States.

This salt originally formed when water from the ocean’s edge evaporated and formed crystals. Through tectonic movements and the folding of the Alps, the salt was buried and protected under rock where it remained for over 200 million years.

Now extracted using spring glacier water and crystallized by evaporation using hydroelectric green energy, Salt of the Swiss Alps is as pure as the ingredients in André’s confections and a fitting cultural and palate partner.

Salt of the Swiss Alps + Dark Chocolate Almonds
consists of fresh nonpareil almonds roasted to a golden brown, delicately caramelized and coated with André’s signature Swiss dark chocolate, expertly blended with this stunningly clean salt.

Salt of the Swiss Alps + Chocolate Caramels are created using an old-world Swiss technique. Each is made by hand with high-quality butter, sugar & cream, slowly heated to just the right temperature to achieve their trademark silky texture. The caramel mixture is combined with Sel des Alpes' pure alpine salt, hand-deposited into molds, gently coated with André's Swiss milk or dark chocolate, and topped with more salt.

Each is a sweet + salty masterpiece. The perfect balance of sweet + savory flavor in every bite.

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