Nussbergerli Sticks


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A Swiss original named in honor of Nussberger, one of the first Confiserie's where founder André Bollier worked during his training in Basel, Switzerland.

These chewy and crunchy sticks are packed full of textures and flavor.

Made with creamy caramel, house-candied orange peel, and roasted nuts.

How is it made?: While almonds and hazelnuts are roasting to perfection, caramel sauce is also made in a copper kettle, and when ready the two are combined with our in-house candied orange peel, butter, cream, and honey, then cooled and hand-rolled into individual sticks and covered in either our Swiss milk or dark chocolate. The labor-intensive process ensures that each stick has the perfect amount of creamy caramel, mouth-watering orange peel, and crunchy nuts.

A product you won't find anywhere else in the U.S.

Availability is limited so please order in advance.

4” L x ¾” dia

Category: Gluten Free, Shippable

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