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We’ve structured this subscription to be a surprise each month. Gift selection will vary and will be based on what our chocolatiers and pastry chefs are creating. Your box will always contain our Swiss-style treats. With more than 150 premium products, you'll see a variety of classic confections, seasonal items, collaborations, special products not normally listed on our website, or first dibs on new releases, with at least three different products in each box.


FEBRUARY 2023 “Melt My Heart”
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About this box:  Enjoy the Mint Leaves or Whiskey Caramels on their own or drop and stir into your hot chocolate for the ultimate flavor boost. 


Packages will be shipped out on the first Monday of the month to arrive that same week.

We'll list the items enclosed again here. Check back for details once your package arrives. 

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Upcoming Themes + Ship Dates:

FEBRUARY 2023 "Melt My Heart"
Ships Monday, January 30th to arrive by Friday, February 3rd

MARCH 2023 
Ships Monday, February 27th to arrive by Friday, March 3rd


From our family to you, we hope you enjoy each and every bite.

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