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We’ve structured this subscription to be a surprise each month. Gift selection will vary and will be based on what our chocolatiers and pastry chefs are creating. Your box will always contain our Swiss-style confections. With more than 150 premium products, you'll see a variety of classic confections, seasonal items, collaborations, special products not normally listed on our website, and/or get first dibs on new releases, with at least three different products in each box.

JANUARY 2021 "Resolve to Indulge"

Click the product name/link to view details:

    • Mint Leaves: Delicate shells of Swiss dark chocolate filled with mint butter fondant. Enjoy as a confection or drop into a hot beverage (such as a hot chocolate, coffee or cocktail) for a minty flavor boost.
    • Signature Hot Chocolate: A unique blend of drinking chocolate made with our rich, Swiss dark chocolate.
    • Swiss Chocolate Cookie Bars: A dense chocolate pecan cake on a butter cookie base, coated in milk or dark chocolate. (This product is typically available only locally/not available for purchase on our website.)
    • Your surprise gift: André's Signature Blend Roasterie Coffee: Created by our friends at The Roasterie, this blend is sweet and smooth with notes of chocolate truffle, honey and black cherry. 

Love what's inside? Share itTake a photo and tag us @andresswiss for a chance to be featured on our website. #AndresKC


Packages will be shipped out on the first Monday of the month to arrive by Friday of that same week.

We'll list the items enclosed again here. Check back for details once your package arrives. 

Upcoming Themes + Ship Dates:

FEBRUARY "Hearts of Gold" 
Ships Monday, January 31st to arrive by Friday, February 4th

MARCH "After me lucky charms"
Ships Monday, February 28th to arrive by Friday, March 4th

APRIL "Spring into celebration" 
Ships Monday, April 4th to arrive by Friday, April 8th

MAY "Mom's the word"
Ships Monday, May 2nd to arrive by Friday, May 6th 


From our family to you, we hope you enjoy each and every bite.

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