Four Flavor Chocolate Almonds Set


Our best-selling chocolate almonds in four delicious flavors. Each is created using a multi-step process: they are roasted to a golden brown, delicately caramelized and coated with André’s Swiss chocolate. This ensures that each almond has crunch and a decadent chocolate coating.


Signature Milk | covered in powdered sugar

The Swiss invented milk chocolate. It became famous because of its distinct flavor, a result of extended “conching”, which acts to evenly distribute cocoa butter while promoting flavor development. Conching creates heat that caramelizes the sugars, giving the chocolate a distinct caramel taste and a smooth, creamy texture.

Salt of the Swiss Alps Dark  | covered in a light cocoa powder
A twist on the classic that brings the sweet crunch of our chocolate almonds together with SEL DES ALPES’ Salt of the Swiss Alps, one of the world’s purest salts and one that, until recently, was not available in the United States. Expertly blended into our decadent dark chocolate, the alpine salt creates a unique balance of sweet + savory flavor in every bite.

Signature Dark  | covered in cocoa powder
This proprietary blend was created by selecting cocoa beans from two of the most premier growing regions in the world: Ghana and Venezuela. With all-natural vanilla and an extended conching period, the process rounds out the flavors and releases volatiles and acids so that the focus is on the cocoa notes, creating a rich yet balanced flavor profile.

Extra Dark 80%  | covered in a dark cocoa powder 
The most intense flavor of them all. This single origin chocolate is grown by a family that has been active cacao farmers in the region of Sur del Lago, Venezuela for generations. The chocolate has an extraordinary bold flavor without the astringency. It is exceptionally well balanced, uniquely smooth, and rich in antioxidants + the many heart-healthy benefits of high cocoa content dark chocolate.


3 oz bag -  4" H x 2" W x 1 ½" D
8 oz  box - 3 ½” W x 3 ¼” D x 2 ⅞" H  


See individual product pages for ingredients.
Made in a facility with nuts, flour + milk. No peanuts on premises.
No additives or preservatives. No gluten.
Dark Chocolate: No dairy. Vegan.


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