Fall Gift Box


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Our fall favorites, grouped together in a gift-ready box.

Orange Peel Wedges 3 oz
Signature Milk Chocolate Almonds 3 oz
Salt of the Swiss Alps Caramels 1.5 oz
Fall Flavor Chocolate Bâtons 2 oz
Gingerbread Cookie Covered in Milk Chocolate**
Foil Wrapped Chocolates**
**Shape/décor may vary. Product selection may vary.

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11 ¼" W x 7 ½" D x 2 ¼" H

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Orange Peel Wedges
Signature Milk Chocolate Almonds
Salt of the Swiss Alps Caramels
Fall Flavor Chocolate Bâtons
Gingerbread Cookie Covered in Milk Chocolate (shape/décor may vary)
Product selection may vary.

No additives or preservatives.
Please enjoy shortly after purchase.

Store in a cool, dry place.


Available seasonally while supplies last.
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