Grand Cru Truffles

Supreme single source chocolates produced with premium Criollo cocoa beans from Madagascar , Venezuela , Ecuador and exclusive wild cocoa beans from Bolivia . Our Confiseurs expertly blend fresh dairy cream with these unique, robust chocolates. The resulting ganaches are handmade into four wonderfully strong yet delicately smooth truffles. Every single source Truffle imparts the unique flavor created by the climate, soil and Criollo cocoa trees of each individual region. Savor these 100% natural Truffles!

Pebbles - Madagascar (65% cocoa), from Madagascar
Lines - Maracaibo (65% cocoa), from Venezuela
Marble gold - Arriba (72% cocoa), from Ecuador
Swirls - Bolivia (63% cocoa), Bolivia wild Criollo beans


If shipping this product to a warm or coastal state, please see our "Shipping to warm climates" page.

All Andre's truffles are made with pure butter, dairy cream and no preservatives. Please keep cool and enjoy within three weeks of purchase.

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