Insulated Polar Box

*Insulated Polar Boxes can be selected when choosing your shipping method at checkout. Adding this item to you cart simply adds a polar pack without the insulated box**

 When chocolates are exposed to temperatures over 55 degrees for more than a day, it can damage their appearance or taste.  If you are shipping to a warmer or coastal state, we encourage you to purchase an insulated polar box at checkout to help keep your chocolates cool during their journey.

While this box will help your chocolates stay cool, you are still encouraged to select Next Day Shipping on orders going to very warm climates.

The image on this page is an estimated timeline for Ground Shipping from our shop - Yellow should arrive the day after it leaves us, Brown 2 days after, Green 3 days after, & Red 4 days after.  These are not guaranteed delivery days, simply estimates by UPS.

UPS does not ship on Saturdays or Sundays, so orders are typically shipped at the beginning of the week.



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