Chocolate Covered Almonds - Gift Boxes

André’s best-selling product!

Featuring fresh nonpareil almonds and cocoa, it’s a nourishing treat. Our signature almonds are created using a multi-step process: The almonds are roasted to a golden brown, delicately caramelized and coated with Swiss milk chocolate (covered in powdered sugar) or dark chocolate (cocoa powder). This intensive process ensures that each almond has the ultimate amount of crunch and decadent chocolate coating. The perfect go-to snack.

Available in a gift bag (click here to view the product, available in milk or dark chocolate) or the gift box featured on this page (available in milk, dark or mixed milk and dark). 

Gluten free | Made in a facility that handles flour

Dark Almonds: 
Vegan | Dairy free | No soy lecithin starting fall 2019


If shipping this product to a warm or coastal state, please see our "Shipping to warm climates" page.

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