Daily Special Family Meal (Pick up at KC Store)


*must be ordered by 5 pm the previous day*

We offer daily lunch specials each day from 11:00 am to 2:30 pm.
The specials for the week are announced each Saturday afternoon.

Each meal serves 4 people and includes your choice of salad and desserts.

Specials for the week of April 6th
*Assorted Vegetable Plate (Vegetarian) Available every day
Tuesday Bolognese Sauce + Spaghetti Noodles
Wednesday Brisket + Potato Casserole
Thursday Yugoslavian Casserole (GF) + Farmer’s Salad (GF)
Friday Sautéed Trout + Creamed Spinach
Saturday Chicken Marengo (GF) + Polenta (GF)

Carrot Salad
Mixed Green Salad

Chocolate Raspberry Square
Lemon Tartlet
Vanilla Square

André’s Blend Roasterie Coffee- 12oz Bag
Bottle of Red Wine 
Bottle of White Wine
Bottle of Salad Dressing

Cannot be shipped
For pick-up on day selected 
at 5018 Main St. Only
(for Overland Park, click here or call 913-498-3440)

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