Swiss Cheese Fondue


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A traditional, old-world family recipe passed down through three generations.  

Serves 2-3 people. Ready in 5 Minutes.

Made using whole wheels of Gruyère and Emmentaler Swiss Alpine cheeses, each named from the towns within the Swiss Alps where they originated, Gruyères and Emmental. The imported cheese is finely grated then blended together with traditional ingredients of white wine, kirsch (cherry brandy), garlic, and spices. Their firm yet elastic texture makes for great melting. Their robust, nutty and buttery flavors go perfect with baked Alpine-style white bread for dipping.

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The Swiss Cheese Fondue Story

The origin of cheese fondue began in Switzerland during the 18th century as a way to use leftover cheese and bread when fresh foods were in limited supply during the cold winter months. Since the a
ged cheese and stale bread was difficult to eat, families found that by heating the cheese, they could dip their bread which would soften when dipped. Cooking together over one pot became a Swiss winter tradition known as fondue.  

The word fondue comes from the French word, ‘fondre’, which means ‘to melt’ and has since then been used to reference many other types of fondue for meats, chicken, seafood, and even chocolate.

Cheese fondue was popularized as a Swiss national dish by the Swiss Cheese Union in the 1930s as a way to increase cheese consumption and marketed with slogans like “fondue creates a good mood”. In the United States, Swiss cheese fondue was promoted at the 1964 World's Fair and grew in popularity during the 1960s and 1970s as a fun and easy way to cook together with family and friends.

Our packaged blend of Swiss cheeses, wine, cherry brandy, garlic, and spices has been perfected through generations to become a beloved gourmet dish that’s pre-made and ready to make and enjoy at home. 



Store in the fridge or freezer.  
(Shelf life - Refrigerator: 30 days / Freezer: 3 months)

To defrost (and prepare for serving), place in fridge 48 hours prior.
Once fondue has defrosted, remove from container and place in an enamel-coated cast iron or ceramic pot on medium heat. Stir continuously until fondue comes to a boil.  Serve promptly. Place pot on heating element and continue to stir intermittently to avoid separation as you dip your choice of accoutrements 
using long-handled fondue forks. 

Swiss Traditions: Dip Alpine-style white bread, baked then cut into 1" cubes. Enjoy with white wine or kirsch to assist in the digestion of the cheese. Serve with a simple green salad + vinaigrette. For dessert, try our Chocolate Fondue Melting Coins.

Also available: Swiss Cheese Fondue Kit with Bread



16 oz  - 3 ¼” L x 3 ¼” W x 3 ½" H

INGREDIENTS: Emmentaler Cheese, Gruyère Cheese, White Wine, Kirsch, Corn Starch, Garlic, Spices.

Contains milk and corn. Made in a facility with flour and nuts.
No peanuts on premises.
No Preservatives.
No Wheat. No Gluten.

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