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The story behind the art on our packaging

Paper cutting has been around since the 16th century. Different cultures have different names and different styles. In Switzerland, it is called scherenschnitte, German for “scissor cuts.” This traditional art involves cutting symmetrical shapes of paper to depict scenes of the Swiss countryside.

Scherenschnitte is the feature of our packaging. The art reflects the heritage of the Bollier family and our many longtime employees who strive to bring the same precision and beauty to chocolate making. Elements of our various scherenschnitte patterns (such as the Swiss flag, a chalet, edelweiss, the three generations, an alphorn, a chef  + animals that help to create or harvest our ingredients) can be seen in various forms on the packaging of our products.

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David Titterington
David is an Instructor of Art at Haskell Indian Nations University in Lawrence, Kansas. He earned an MFA from KU in visual art, and his undergraduate work was in East Asian Studies, culminating in a two-week workshop with the Dalai Lama at his monastery in India, and then five years living on the island of Shikoku, Japan, researching holy sites and types of Japanese meditation. He is exhibiting six new paintings at André's, intended to provide space for contemplation and rest.
See more visit DavidTitterington.com.

Image: Six Puddles, oil on wood, 20" x 20" 


A collection of art work, surrounded by antique Swiss artifacts, including flags from the various cantons of Switzerland that hang from the ceiling, and a chalet that was custom built by André himself. The artists and their associated pieces are listed below in the order in which they can be seen as you enter the tearoom and transport yourself to the land of Switzerland. 

Arch Unruh
A longtime regular customer and retired Hallmark artist, Mr. Unruh generously gifted a series of pieces to André’s that proudly hang in the entrance to our tea room. Each are based on photographs that his wife took during trips to Switzerland.

Jean Tinguely
A Swiss artist and favorite of second generation, Marcel Bollier. This 1982 Montreux Jazz Festival poster piece greets you as you make your way to our tea room restrooms. The print, in an original metal frame, is signed by the Swiss artist himself.

Jason Pollen
Jason is a longtime Bollier family friend and former Kansas City Art Institute professor. Probably the most asked about piece is "Banquet for André" which includes depictions of several of André's signature desserts. This large silk fiber art piece hangs on the wall in the center of our tea room, and was created in honor of André after his passing. Jason also created the horizontal piece that hangs above the bar and kitchen window, as well as the vertical piece that hangs just past the antique armoire at the entrance to the tearoom. 

Samuel Ryffe
Our iron light fixtures as well as the table and chair legs that fill our tea room were designed by family friend and fellow Swiss Sam Ryfee, a master craftsman and creator of beautiful metalworks across the United States, including the iconic iron work found throughout the Country Club Plaza just south of our store.

Alois Carigiet
These signed lithographs adorn the wall in the back of the tea room and are from a series of 7 that were all signed by the Swiss artist and then sold as a set by his family after he passed in 1985. 


Foyer Sculpture

"Interdependency" was sculpted by Richard "Dick" Bergen and purchased in 1986 by Marcel Bollier in memory of his father and founder of André's, André Bollier.

Watercolor Not Cards

Available in-store and online

Ivanna Ellworth is a local Kansas City artist and designer who specializes in watercolor painting and color pencil/marker illustrations. Her popular watercolor paintings of André's pastries and tea cookies that were previously on exhibit in our café are now available as greeting cards.

View more info and purchase on our website here.

More photos may be seen in the "André's Art" photo album on our Facebook page.

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