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What is Scherenschnitte?
The story behind the art on our packaging

Paper cutting has been around since the 16th century. Different cultures have different names and different styles. In Switzerland, it is called scherenschnitte, German for “scissor cuts.” This traditional art involves cutting symmetrical shapes of paper to depict scenes of the Swiss countryside.
Scherenschnitte is the feature of our packaging. The art reflects the heritage of the Bollier family and our many longtime employees who strive to bring the same precision and beauty to chocolate making. Elements of our various scherenschnitte patterns (such as the Swiss flag, a chalet, edelweiss, the three generations, an alphorn, a chef  + animals that help to create or harvest our ingredients) can be seen on the packaging of our various products and in our tea room.

Can you find them?


We invite you to experience this traditional Swiss design on a variety of our products. Enjoy these hand-made confections yourself, share with others, and all that scherenschnitte.


André’s Café 
5018 Main Street Kansas City, MO 64112
As a supporter of the arts in Kansas City, André’s is excited to provide this space for local artists to display and sell their work.

EXHIBITS: November - February | March - June | July - October
OPENING RECEPTIONS: Meet the artist, see additional works of their art and enjoy wine & light appetizers. Dates + times listed below.

Current Exhibit:
November - February
Artist: Royal Scanlon
Opening Reception: Monday, November 4th 5-7 PM

About the Artist:
Royal’s involvement in the creative process started early in life. Nurtured by his mother, a gifted artist in her own right, he developed a talent for capturing on paper images of the symmetrical beauty his mind perceived: drawing, painting and creating collages and murals with ever-increasing proficiency. His immersion in the arts took an abrupt turn in the early sixties. Like many of his generation, he became totally fascinated with the art of music and began focusing almost all of his creative energies on singing, songwriting, and mastering the twelve-string guitar. For the last 15 years, Royal has immersed himself in the photographic arts, both straight photography as well as a melding of it with his graphics and collage-making skills -- a melding he refers to as “Composite Imaging -- Photo-Graphic Art.”
See him on Facebook at Royal Scanlon Image Compositing