Our Family

Our Family

Our story began when Master Konditor-Confiseur André Bollier dreamed of opening his own chocolate shop. Now the business is run his grandson, Pastry Chef and Chocolatier René Bollier, who apprenticed under his grandfather and father, and trained in Switzerland. 

Today, René and his wife Nancy continue to uphold the Bollier family tradition and have fully immersed themselves in the art of Swiss techniques and classic recipes. While honoring tradition, they are known for bringing their personal passion, ingenuity, and pride to create distinctive chocolate experiences for the community that has made André’s a Kansas City treasure for 65 years and counting. 



and counting

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Our Mission

We are dedicated to maintaining the tradition of Swiss confections and heritage of the Bollier family who for three generations have brought the same precision and beauty to chocolate making.

André’s is recognized in "The Book of Bests" as Best Domestic Boxed Chocolate. The books states, "André’s chocolates are not for the timid. The flavors are strong and rich. Exceedingly fresh and tender, they are worthy of any Swiss Confiserie".

The stable foundation that André built with his dedication to providing only the very best products and superior customer service continues to drive everything that the Bollier family, as well as the store's many long-time employees do. 

Our Chocolate

Our Chocolate

What makes Swiss chocolate special? Its smooth and creamy texture is the result of extended ‘conching’ which acts to evenly distribute cocoa butter within the chocolate while promoting flavor development through frictional heat, oxidation and the release of volatiles and acids. The prolonged conching in our milk chocolate caramelizes the sugars, giving the chocolate a distinct caramel taste. In the darker chocolate, it helps to highlight the cocoa notes, creating a rich yet balanced flavor profile. 

We strive to create the very best in luxury products, using only the highest quality ingredients. We work with partners who carefully select the best cocoa beans from around the world, and our partners work directly with cocoa farmers to ensure safe, fair and sustainable trading practices. We use non-GMO, fairly-traded, ethically-sourced and sustainably-grown cocoa in our signature and single origin chocolate. We blend these premium cocoa beans to produce chocolate products that showcase exceptional flavor and texture in every bar, candy, truffle or other confection that we create. When you take a bite of our chocolate, you can taste the difference.

As we take each step in the chocolate making process seriously, from the cocoa farm to your taste buds, we strive to maintain the highest of standards in all of our processes from start to finish. Our proprietary blends of Swiss chocolate enable you to savour the balanced, subtle and delicate flavor in every bite. Whether its creamy milk chocolate or rich, dark chocolate, we create our products from the finest raw materials with a dedication to quality, innovation and tradition.  

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From our family to you, we hope you enjoy each and every bite!

Three generations of the Bollier Family.

Three generations of the Bollier Family.
From left to right: Elsbeth Bollier (first generation), Brigitte + Kevin Gravino (second generation, Overland Park Store), Connie + Marcel Bollier (second generation), René + Nancy Bollier (third generation)

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