Mini Chocolate Bars: Signature or Single Origin Chocolate

Great things can come in small packages, too!  Available in our Signature or Single Origin (Grand Cru) Chocolate. This adorable .64 oz size is the perfect snack or add-on gift, available individually or as a 6 pack variety. 

Signature: André’s premium Swiss recipes
White Chocolate
34% Milk Chocolate
56% Dark Chocolate

Single Origin: Produced with premium Criollo cocoa beans, a rare delicacy, sourced from fair trade plantations around the world. These single-source chocolates allow you to taste the distinct flavor created by the climate, soil, and Criollo cocoa trees of each individual region.
64% Madagascar (Madagascar)
65% Maracaibo (Venezuela)
72% Arriba (Ecuador)

If shipping this product to a warm or coastal state, please see our "Shipping to warm climates" page

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