Wholesale Information

Welcome to our wholesale vendor information page. We are excited to work with you! Below is information to get you started on our wholesale program. You can also view our About Us or Photo Timeline pages to learn more about our business.


  • Pre-orders are encouraged especially during the busy holiday seasons to help guarantee full order quantities and desired delivery dates.
  • Open display boxes may be added to any order (free of charge) upon request to place next to our packaged products on your merchandise dipaly so that customers can view what is packed inside each box.
  • Initial orders are eligible for our complimentary sampling program: bulk samples of the products you sell to help introduce your customers to our products and push sales within your store(s).
  • Initial orders must be prepaid. Following orders can be set up net 30.
  • For tax-exempt status, please provide certification.
Summer Fancy Food Show Sales Sheet 2019
Wholesale Product List 2019   

Wholesale Holiday Product List 2019

Please place orders 1 to 2 weeks ahead of the expected delivery date. For large orders and/or during holiday seasons, please allow 2+ weeks. Pre-orders are encouraged to help guarantee full orders quantities and desired delivery dates. Initial orders must be prepaid. Following orders can be set up Net 30 if preferred. Billing is due within 30 days. A 1.5% late fee will be applied to past due invoices each month. For tax-exempt status, please provide certification.

Products being shipped to warmer climates may require expedited shipping and/or polar insulated packaging for an additional charge to avoid melting.

Dating System
You will find a sticker on the bottom of each box that indicates the date by which each product should be consumed. Our luxury products are perishable. We use only the freshest ingredients in everything we produce, with no preservatives added. If a product is past its shelf life, we ask that you do not display it. This will ensure that your customer gets the best product every time. André’s assumes no responsibility for products sold after the recommended expiration date. Please note that our truffles (also packed in our assorted chocolates) are made with real butter and cream so their shelf life is limited to 5 weeks. With your order, André’s will provide you with fresh truffles made within 1-2 weeks, allowing 3-4 weeks before the listed “best by” date.

Chocolates should be kept at a cool, dry room temperature and away from heating elements and/or direct sunlight. Do not refrigerate. If wrapped airtight, they may be refrigerated or frozen to extend their shelf life but to avoid condensation (which could alter the appearance and flavor of the chocolate candies), please remove the sealed items from cold storage for at least 12 hours and allow box to return to room temperature before breaking the airtight seal. Please note that our J. Rieger & Co. Chocolate Shots can NOT be frozen.

Wholesale Favorites
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Thank you for your support and enthusiasm. We are excited to work together!

Nancy and Jen