Egg Tortes (Pick Up Only)


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Layers of cake and buttercream wrapped in marzipan and topped with chocolate + marzipan decor.

Pick up only (Too fragile for shipping)

Contains flour, nuts and milk. No peanuts. No Preservatives. 

When covered in marzipan, store at room temp. Once sliced, store in the refrigerator. 

Available Easter season only or on special order.

*Not guaranteed for same day pick up


8" L x 5" W x 5 1/2" H
Serves 12-14 people

Chocolate (Pink):
Chocolate cake & chocolate buttercream wrapped in pink marzipan
Lemon (Yellow):
Yellow cake & lemon buttercream wrapped in yellow marzipan
Pistachio (Green):
Chocolate cake & pistachio buttercream wrapped in green marzipan
Vanilla (Purple):
Yellow cake & vanilla buttercream wrapped in purple marzipan

Mocha (Orange): Yellow cake and mocha buttercream - special order only.  

 *Not guaranteed for same day pick up

Category: In-Store Only

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