Fall Chocolate Covered Caramels


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Classic, chewy caramels covered with our Signature Swiss Milk or Dark Chocolate, topped with all-natural, plant-based food color décor.

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2 oz (6 caramels) - 4 ¾” L x 2” W x ½” H

INGREDIENTS: Sugar, Cream, Milk Chocolate (Sugar, Cocoa Beans, Cocoa Butter, Whole Milk Powder, Sunflower Lecithin, Vanilla), Dark Chocolate (Cocoa Beans, Sugar, Cocoa Butter, Sunflower Lecithin, Madagascar Vanilla), Butter (Milk), Cream of Tartar, Cocoa Butter, Plant-Based Food Color (Cocoa Butter, Sugar, Cocoa Powder, Cocoa Paste, Titanium Dioxide, Turmeric Oleoresin, Grape Color Extract, Riboflavin).

Contains milk. Made in a facility with four and nuts. No peanuts. No gluten. No preservatives. Store in a cool, dry place.

As of March 2022, our Milk, Dark and White Chocolate contain sunflower lecithin (no soy) regardless of ingredients that may be listed on packaging.

Available seasonally while supplies last.

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