Single Origin 88% Venezuelan Extra Dark Chocolate Bar


Our darkest bar yet! Pure, single-origin Venezuelan cocoa beans blended for rich, dark perfection!  Using non-engineered, sustainably-sourced, sustainably-grown and ethically-traded cocoa beans grown by a family that have been active cacao farmers in the region of Sur del Lago, Venezuela for generations. This single-source chocolate is made with 88% cocoa using premium Criollo cocoa beans, a rare delicacy. Taste the distinct flavor created by the climate, soil, and Criollo cocoa trees of the individual region.

High-cocoa content chocolate can have acids and volatiles within the cocoa bean that put forth a bitter taste. Our 88% chocolate has low acidity, providing strong cocoa notes and intense chocolate flavor without the astringency that most people are accustomed to with extra dark chocolate. It is exceptionally well balanced and uniquely smooth. What's more, it's a powerful source of antioxidants, minerals + many heart-healthy benefits. Bold flavor with a boost of health benefits.

6 ¼” x 3” x ½”
3.5 OZ (100g)

Venezuelan Cocoa Beans, Sugar, Cocoa Butter

No preservatives. No gluten. No dairy. Vegan.
Made in a facility with flour, nuts & milk.

Also available in mini bar form.

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