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As featured in Spy & The Chocolate Professor.

Created by René Bollier, grandson of André, in collaboration with Andy Rieger, great-great-great grandson of Jacob Rieger of Kansas City distillery, J. Rieger & Co.

A delicate dark chocolate shell filled with J. Rieger & Co.'s premium core spirits.

Eat these liquid-filled chocolates in a single bite (or, as we like to say, "Pop it like a shot!"). Each piece is an explosion of flavor, and the perfect balance of liquor and chocolate. An incredible and unique confectionary experience.

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Read more about our collaboration with J. Rieger & Co. here.


Available in boxes with Whiskey only or All 4 (Assorted) Flavors:

Kansas City Whiskey
A blend of straight bourbon whiskey, light corn whiskey and straight rye whiskey, aged 4+ years with 15-year-old Oloroso Sherry. 

Premium Wheat Vodka
A 100% wheat-based vodka with a clean and smooth flavor.

Midwestern Dry Gin
Made using only the finest botanicals from around the world, the result is a bold, full-flavored gin with layers of aroma and a complexity of flavor.

Caffè Amaro
A bitter liquor, aged in a whiskey barrel and infused with flavors of orange, cardamom, vanilla, and coffee from local coffee roaster Thou Mayest.

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Available in boxes with whiskey only or with all four flavors.
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1 oz box (4 pieces) - 2 ¾" L x ¾" W x ¾" H
2.5 oz box (8 pieces)  - ¾" L x ¾" W x 1 ½" H
4 oz box (12 pieces)  - 5 ½" L x 4 " W x ¾" H

Dark Chocolate (Cocoa Beans, Sugar, Cocoa Butter, Sunflower Lecithin, Vanilla), Sugar, J. Rieger & Co. Spirits (Whiskey, Gin, Vodka, Caffé Amaro). Contains less than 1% cornstarch (to create the shell).

Made in a facility with flour, nuts & milk. No gluten. No dairy. Vegan. No preservatives. Enjoy within a few months of purchase. 
Store in a cool, dry place away from sun and heat. Do not freeze or refrigerate.

Read more about our collaboration with J. Rieger & Co. here.

This item is fragile and cannot be shipped. Please select pickup at our KC or OP store in your shopping cart before checkout.

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