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J. Rieger & Co. Collection

In 2015, we had the unique opportunity to collaborate with local, multi-generational family-owned, Kansas City-based distillery, J. Rieger & Co. when we were invited to participate in an event as part of the operation series highlighting connections between WWI and the modern Era at the WWI museum (Whiskey & Chocolate Event, February 12, 2015:  https://www.theworldwar.org/learn/public-programs/operation-series).

We wanted to create a chocolate to pair with Rieger’s new Kansas City Whiskey. Our dark chocolate almonds were a no brainer but we wanted something that people in kc hadn’t before. We wanted to create something truly unique, to celebrate the occasion and the amazing history and connection behind whiskey and chocolate. Third-generation René  Bollier, the creator of the confection, would have never guessed that the one product, which resulted in what is now our J. Rieger & Co. Whiskey Chocolate Shots, would become such a smashing success. The response was overwhelming and it helped to introduce both companies to an entire new audience of customers. 

Since that time, René know that Rieger's exceptional Kansas City Whiskey would take our caramel to a whole nother level. Blending and filling it inside our signature 60% dark chocolate bar made it the perfect vehicle with which to truly enjoy both products. I am extremely happy with the result and excited these products with others.