A collection of products using our highest percentage of cocoa. These extra dark chocolates are exceptionally strong yet wonderfully smooth and well balanced, offering a variety of intensive flavor experiences.

Each is created with single-origin chocolate. The distinct flavor of the origin is created by using only premium Criollo cocoa beans — rare, valuable and precious delicacies — with varying percentages of cocoa content from three premier growing regions around the world. And unlike chocolate that uses a blend of beans, these single-source chocolates allow you to taste the distinct flavor created by the climate, soil, and Criollo cocoa trees of the individual regions.

View each product below for ingredients and details.
All are made with non-engineered, fairly traded, ethically sourced and sustainably grown cocoa, and made in a facility with flour, nuts and milk.
No peanuts. No gluten. No soy. No dairy. Vegan.
No preservatives. Enjoy within a few months of purchase.
Store in a cool, dry place away from heat & sunlight.

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