Our collaboration began in 2015 when our Executive Pastry Chef & Chocolatier René Bollier, André’s grandson, had the opportunity to collaborate with another multi-generational family-owned Kansas City business, the distillery J. Rieger & Co. at a Whiskey & Chocolate event, part of Operation Indulgence, at the WWI museum.  René’s goal was to create a chocolate candy to pair with Rieger’s new Kansas City Whiskey, released in 2014. He wanted something that would both mark the occasion and highlight the compatibility of whiskey and chocolate. The result, J. Rieger & Co. Chocolate Shots. They were such a resounding success that we’ve featured them in our stores ever since. And as Rieger releases their spirits, we've made Chocolate Shots for each. The collection now also includes Gin, Vodka and Caffè Amaro as well as the original Kansas City Whiskey.

Inspired by customers’ enjoyment of the Chocolate Shots, in 2020 René adapted André's Signature Caramel Bar, blending Rieger's Kansas City Whiskey with caramel and encasing it in André's Signature 60% Dark Chocolate Bar to create the new Kansas City Whiskey Caramel Bar

Encouraged by the success of the Whiskey Caramel Bar, as celebrated in Forbes 2020 Holiday Gift Guide: The Best Fancy Chocolate Bars, we released jars of KC Whiskey Caramel Sauce later that same year. The bar and sauce are both celebrated by lifestyle site, Spy, in the article “Does Your Old Man Love Whiskey? Then Give Him One of These 10 Boozy Father’s Day Gifts”.

In 2021, we created a limited run of Rye Whiskey Caramel Drops to mark the launch of Rieger's 2021 Bottled In Bond Straight Rye Whiskey. Barreled in the Fall of 2015, this represents the first Whiskey distilled in Kansas City since Prohibition and the first barrels laid down at the J. Rieger & Co. distillery in nearly a century. We infused our creamy caramel with Rieger's Straight Rye Whiskey and encased it in a dark chocolate shell, ready to enjoy as a confection or to drop and stir into a hot beverage (such as a cocktail, coffee or hot chocolate) for an added flavor boost.

Our KC Whiskey Caramel Drops released in September 2021. These drops are created with a delicate Swiss milk chocolate shell filled with Rieger's Kansas City Whiskey infused caramel and a soothing blend of vanilla and spices, perfect as a luxurious creamy caramel on its own or for boosting flavor in your hot beverage.

We hope you enjoy our Chocolate Shots, KC Whiskey Caramel Bar, KC Whiskey Caramel Sauce and Caramel Drops, all made using the premium spirits by J. Rieger & Co., a fellow multi-generational family-owned Kansas City institution.

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