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We are a family-owned business rooted in three generations of Swiss-trained confiseurs, pouring passion into each and every one of our Swiss-style creations.

Our story began when Master Konditor-Confiseur André Bollier, who trained as a master pastry chef in Switzerland, dreamed of opening own his own chocolate shop that produced high quality confections in the Swiss tradition. He was told by his brother that there was opportunity in Kansas City, so with ambition and determination, André and his wife Elsbeth published a recipe book to fund a trip to the United States. With the book’s success, they immigrated in June of 1955 and André’s Confiserie Suisse opened October that same year.

In the early years, premium, hand-crafted chocolates could only be found in Europe. André and Elsbeth spent time trying to educate the public about luxury, Swiss-style confections. They worked to bridge their artistic creations and became heavily involved in the art community, attended events and donated products to support the community and the local artists. They encouraged people to try their confections and embrace what they were doing. As people traveled to Europe and learned the art of chocolate making, they learned to respect and appreciate the confections that André was creating. 

In 1956, André’s added a tea room to serve traditional Swiss-style lunches. This helped to bring people in with the hopes that they would purchase chocolates on the way out. 

André's son Marcel and his wife Connie trained in Switzerland after college and upon their return in 1974, they made a pivotal move. They purchased large machinery which enabled them to expand chocolate production and sell to a wider market. The customer base grew and in 1976 André’s was able to build what now stands at 5018 Main Street. 

In 2002, after training in Switzerland and working in the store alongside her family, André's daughter Brigitte Gravino and her husband Kevin opened a second location, André's Rivaz, south of Kansas City in Overland Park, KS. The store is named after a region in Switzerland where part of the Bollier family used to reside. 

André’s grandson, René Bollier, apprenticed in the kitchen alongside his father and grandfather. He worked in and around the business since he was young and after training in Switzerland with his wife Nancy, returned to André’s in 2002 to lead the business into its third generation.

The Bollier family immersed themselves in the art of Swiss techniques and classic recipes. While honoring that tradition, they are known for bringing their personal passion, ingenuity and pride to create distinctive chocolate experiences for the community that has made André's a Kansas City treasure for over 60 years and counting

Andre’s chocolates are sought out for personal indulgence, shared celebration and unique gifts. The packaging features custom designed scherenschnitte, the detailed art of continuous paper cutting that originated in Switzerland during the 16th century. The care and tradition of scherenschnitte reflect the heritage of the Bollier family who for three generations have brought the same precision and beauty to chocolate making. 

André's is recognized in "The Book of Bests" as 'Best Domestic Boxed Chocolate'. The book states, "André's chocolates are not for the timid. The flavors are strong and rich. Exceedingly fresh and tender, they are worthy of any Swiss Confiserie".

André’s continues to delight the community with gourmet chocolates, pastries, tortes, baked goods, and unique European dining experiences. We welcome you to our retail store and tea room at our Overland Park, KS location as well as to our confiserie, tea room and coffee + wine bar at our flagship store in Kansas City, MO. 

The stable foundation that André built with his dedication to provide only the very best products and superior customer service remains carried on by the commitment of the Bollier family, as well as the store's many long-time employees. We hope you enjoy the André's experience as much as we enjoy producing for and serving you. 

From our family to you, we hope you enjoy each and every bite!

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