J. Rieger Shots

This confectionary masterpiece is André’s most premium creation. A delicate dark chocolate shell filled with premium spirits from local Kansas City distillery, J. Rieger & Co.  Four unique cordials created by third generation, René Bollier. The resulting confection experience, taking extra time and skill to perfect, is an explosion of flavor. It’s liquid inside so POP IT LIKE A SHOT!

Available in single or assorted boxes (with the new Caffé Amaro included upon request).

Kansas City Whiskey - Blend of Straight Bourbon Whiskey, Light Corn Whiskey, and Straight Rye Whiskey, aged 4+ years, with 15 year old Oloroso Sherry. 
Premium Wheat Vodka - 100% wheat based. Conveys a clean and smooth flavor.
Midwestern Dry Gin - Made using only the finest botanicals from around the world, the result is bold, full-flavored Gin with layers of aroma and a complexity of flavor.
Caffè Amaro - A bitter liquor , aged in a whiskey barrel, and infused with flavors of orange, cardamom, vanilla, and coffee from local coffee roaster, Thou Mayest.

These innocent looking cordials are filled with liquid and contain a big adult kick!
In-store only.  Not available for shipping.

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