We are proud to exclusively use Five Farms as our Irish Cream Liqueur for all of our chocolate candy products and for drinks served in our Café + Wine Bar.

Five Farms is the world’s first farm-to-table Irish Cream liqueur, crafted from single batches of fresh cream combined with premium Irish Whiskey within 48 hours of collection. This freshness translates into an ultra-light and creamy mouthfeel, rightfully earning firm widespread acclaim.

The palate is creamy and silky with hints of coffee and aromas of butterscotch, caramel, chocolate-covered cherries + premium Irish Whiskey.

The cream is sourced entirely from five family-owned farms in County Cork, Ireland, and imported by Holladay Distillery in nearby Weston, Missouri.

County Cork is Ireland’s largest and southernmost county, home to family-owned farms that dot the coastline where the land meets the sea. It seems to sit on the edge of the world, a rugged backdrop for the farmers who have toiled this land for generations.

The Holladay Distillery was founded in 1856.  First discovered in what would become Weston, Missouri, by Lewis and Clark during their 1804 expedition, a pure limestone spring was a rarity whose potential was recognized by two enterprising young brothers by the names of Ben Holladay and Major David Holladay. The brothers divined an even greater purpose for that limestone spring: Bourbon. 

Holladay distillery evolved as the decades passed, changing ownership and names before ultimately becoming known as McCormick Distilling Company in 1942. The distillery has since grown in size and expanded its portfolio of products. In 2016, the distillery commemorated 160 years of rich history and paid homage to its founders by going back to its bourbon-making roots and bearing the proud name of Holladay Distillery, operated by McCormick Distilling Company.


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