An exciting collaboration that combines André’s Signature Swiss chocolate with pure salt from the heart of the Swiss mountains.

Made with Salt of the Swiss Alps by our friends at

SEL DES ALPES’ Salt of the Swiss Alps is salt in its purest form. Originally formed when salt water from the ocean’s edge evaporated and formed crystals. Through tectonic movements and the folding of the Alps, the salt became buried and protected under rock where it remained for over 200 million years. It is said to have been uncovered by a shepherd in the 15th century whose goats gathered to drink water from a particular stream containing the salt crystals melted from the glaciers. 

The valuable mineral is now being carefully extracted using pure spring glacier water and crystallized by evaporation, using hydroelectric green energy. This zero-carbon footprint process preserves the salt, maintaining zero impurities. Innovation meets tradition to celebrate salt in its original, most natural form.

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André's has created two new confections using this pure SEL DES ALPES' Salt of the Swiss Alps. Innovative twists on our classics, each product has a unique and exceptional balance of flavor.