Founder, Sarah Hoffmann, wanted to raise her kids where they could run around in the fresh air and experience the joy and life lessons that happen when you grow up on a farm. She wanted to create a humane, environmentally sustainable sheep dairy with the inspiration from knowing it was a way to give others delicious, wholesome food, sustainably made. Today, she shares those experiences with the help of a small hard working team, including her daughter, Eliza, and with you through their delicious artisan cheeses. 

Green Dirt Farm takes great pride in the well-being of their animals and believes that it contributes to the quality of their award-winning cheeses. They closely manage the grazing of their sheep in order to build healthy soil and grow nutritious pasture grasses, knowing that dairy animals raised on diverse grass pastures have a LOT more flavor compounds in their milk than when they are fed a conventional dairy animal diet. More flavor in the milk means a lot more flavor in the cheese. And raising sheep on carefully tended pastures not only produces happy sheep and high-quality, flavorful milk, it also prevents soil erosion, builds topsoil and prevents buildup of concentrated manure. It even helps to sequester carbon in the soil, creating healthier soil and helping in the fight against climate change. 

Since their first year of making cheese for sale, their cheeses have won more than 80 awards in prestigious cheese and artisan food competitions allowing them to bring delight and bragging rights to our community through their artisan cheeses. They have a café and cheese shop in the historic town of Weston, Missouri, near the farm. You can visit, taste cheese, tour the cheese kitchen, or attend events held in the barn where they originally started milking our sheep.   

We are proud to carry Green Dirt Farm cheese in our café and collaborate with them on the very special Alpine Quiche, available for a limited time, using their alpine style, Aux Arcs cheese.

Shop the Alpine Quiche in the collection below.

To learn more about Green Dirt Farm, click here.

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