Chocolate Bar Sampler Box


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This collection, celebrated in Forbes Best Fancy Chocolate Bars, includes our best-selling bars in both mini and full sizes. 

Each box includes:

7 Full Size Bars (3.5 oz size): 
Signature Milk 34%
Signature Dark 60% (Dairy Free, Vegan)

8 Mini Bars (.64 oz size)


11 ½” L x 7 ½” W x 2"H

See individual product pages under Chocolate Bars for ingredients. 

Made in a facility with flour, nuts & milk.
No peanuts on premisis.
No gluten.
Solid Dark Chocolate: No dairy & vegan.
No additive or preservatives.
Please enjoy within a few months of purchase.
Store in a cool, dry place. 


What makes Swiss chocolate special? 

Its smooth and creamy texture is the result of extended ‘conching’ which acts to evenly distribute cocoa butter within the chocolate while promoting flavor development through frictional heat, oxidation and the release of volatiles and acids. The prolonged conching in our milk chocolate caramelizes the sugars, giving the chocolate a distinct caramel taste. In the darker chocolate, it helps to highlight the cocoa notes, creating a rich yet balanced flavor profile.

We take each step in the chocolate-making process seriously, from the cocoa plantation to your taste buds. The cocoa in our signature dark chocolate and single origin flavors is all non-GMO, fairly-traded, ethically-sourced and sustainably-grown. When you take a bite of the chocolate, you can taste the difference. 

High-quality chocolate should melt on the tongue without a change in texture. Our proprietary blend of Swiss chocolate enables you to savour the balanced, subtle and delicate flavor of the chocolate, without any aftertaste. Whether its creamy milk Swiss chocolate or rich, dark Swiss chocolate, we create our products from the finest raw materials with a dedication to quality, innovation and tradition.  


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